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Many of us say they're patriotic? These are some of my thoughts ; I suspect that I am living in the best country ever made in the history of humankind. Basically after visiting each town and traveling the world, I'm certain of it. Also having studied other Dynasties and Empires, I'll say the USA is easily exceeding the very best of the very best.

Naturally I need to thank my very own ancestry for that.

We have built something great here ; something that should be studied and copied to help other races of the planet and their countries. Being suspicious of one's govt.

is a positive attribute, blindly following isn't smart. But feedback without suggestions, plans or volunteering to rise up and fix it yourself, well to me that's just water under the bridge and the peanut studio is about as old as the words said on the stage created by Thomas Neville and borrowed by Shakespeare. It's all "Sound and Ire signifying nothing!" Raising cash is tough enough after the financial crunch, some people are having to find money for emergencies by using payday advance services online after being turned away by regular banks. If the Emperor isn't told he's wearing no attire, no then he won't ever change, I'm not in favour of "YES MEN" I don't enjoy compliments.

I'd like to know what everybody is thinking, not just what they assert to remain pro. To me that's lying. I am really not a Yes Man that's true. But I refuse to bad mouth my country or President to any foreigner or on the Net. How patriotic are you? I'm not sure why any person would be shocked by the Nationalism of an American, who resides with excess surrounding him everywhere he goes? Your country is what YOU make of it. And "I" work terribly tricky to see that it is still powerful. With my mind, my writing, my volunteerism and my strength of personality and I'd hold up the entire damn thing if I had too. I'm undissuaded by anyone that bad mouths my country or President, even if they suffered from the economic slowdown and had to resort to debt loans to pay off their spiralling debts. It braces me and gives me a challenge to persist and I don't stand alone. But if I had to I'd. And I might win. Why so much fervour about one's country? Because I'm an American. How patriotic are you? Wake up folks, look round at what we have got here. Respect it and say thanks, don't bad mouth the best country ever made in the history of humankind. To do so lacks integrity and you'd be claiming a falsehood.