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2008 Progressive Patriots




Jason Altmire PA-04 Incumbent
Michael Arcuri NY-24 Incumbent

Judy Baker MO-09 Challenger
Melissa Bean IL-08 Incumbent
Mark Begich AK-Sen Challenger
Sam Bennett PA-15 Challenger
Ethan Berkowitz AK-AL Challenger
John Boccieri OH-16 Challenger
Nancy Boyda KS-02 Incumbent
Bruce Braley IA-01 Incumbent
Charlie Brown CA-04 Challenger
Darcy Burner WA-08 Challenger

Paul Carmouche LA-04 Challenger
Steve Cohen TN-09 Incumbent
Gerry Connolly VA-11 Challenger
Joe Courtney CT-02 Incumbent 
Don Cravins LA-07 Challenger

Vivan Davis Figures AL-Sen Challenger
Jill Derby NV-02 Challenger
Larry Joe Doherty TX-10 Challenger
Joe Donnelly IN-02 Challenger
Steve Driehaus OH-01 Challenger
Dick Durbin IL-Sen Incumbent
Bill Durston CA-03 Challenger

Keith Ellison MN-05 Incumbent
Hank Eng C0-06 Challenger

Erik Fleming MS-Sen Challenger
Al Franken MN-Sen Challenger
Judy Feder VA-10 Challenger


Joe Garcia FL-25 Challenger
Gabrielle Giffords AZ-08 Incumbent
Kristen Gillibrand NY-20 Incumbent
Becky Greenwald IA-04 Challenger
Allan Grayson FL-08 Challenger

Kay Hagan NC-Sen Challenger
John Hall NY-19 Incumbent
Debbie Halvorson IL-11 Challenger
Phil Hare IL-17 Incumbent
Tom Harkin IA-Sen Incumbent
Martin Heinrich NM-01 Challenger
Paul Hodes NH-02 Incumbent
Rob Hubler IA-05 Challenger

Christine Jennings FL-13 Challenger
Daniel Johnson NC-10 Challenger
Tim Johnson SD-Sen Incumbent

Steve Kagen WI-08 Incumbent
Mary Jo Kilroy OH-15 Challenger
Ann Kirkpatrick AZ-01 Challenger
Larry Kissell NC-08 Challenger
Ron Klein FL-22 Incumbent
Scott Kleeb NE-Sen Challenger
Suzanne Kosmas FL-24 Challenger
Frank Kratovil MD-01 Challenger
Alice Kryzan  NY-26 Challenger


John Laesch IL-14 Challenger
Mary Landrieu LA-Sen Incumbent
Larry LaRocco ID-Sen
Dave Loebsack IA-02 Incumbent
Bob Lord AZ-03 Challenger
Bruce Lunsford KY-Sen Challenger

Ashwin Madia MN-03 Challenger
Dan Maffei  NY-25 Challenger
Jim Martin GA-Sen Challenger
Raul Martinez FL-21 Challenger
Betsy Markey CO-04 Challenger
Jeff Merkley OR-Sen Challenger
Eric Massa NY-29 Challenger
Michael McMahon NY-13 Challenger
Jerry McNerney CA-11 Incumbent
Harry Mitchell AZ-05 Incumbent
Jill Morgenthaler IL-06 Challenger
Chris Murphy CT-05 Incumbent
Patrick Murphy PA-08 Incumbent 
Ronnie Musgrove MS-Sen Challenger

Sharen Neuhardt OH-07 Challenger
Rick Noriega TX-Sen Challenger
Glenn Nye VA-02 Challenger

Ed Perlmutter CO-07 Incumbent
Tom Perriello VA-05 Challenger
Gary Peters  MI-9 Challenger
Jared Polis CO-02 Challenger
Mark Pryor AR-Sen Incumbent

Andrew Rice OK-Sen Challenger
Jay Rockefeller WV-Sen Incumbent
Heather Ryan KY-01 Challenger


Kurt Schrader OR-05 Challenger
Josh Segall AL-03 Challenger
Joe Sestak PA-07 Incumbent
Jeanne Shaheen NH-Sen Challenger
Mark Schauer MI-07 Challenger
Carol Shea Porter NH-01 Incumbent
Dennis Shulman NJ-05 Challenger
Michael Skelly TX-07 Challenger
Linda Stender NJ-07 Challenger

Annette Taddeo FL-18 Challenger
Harry Teague NM-02 Challenger
Dina Titus NV-03 Challenger
Gary Trauner WY-AL Challenger
Bob Tuke TN-Sen Challenger

Tim Walz MN-01 Incumbent
Mark Warner VA-Sen Challenger
Robin Weinraich OH-05 Challenger
Peter Welch VT-AL Incumbent
Victoria Wulsin OH-02 Challenger

Mark Udall CO-Sen Challenger
Tom Udall NM-Sen Challenger

John Yarmuth KY-03 Incumbent




Everyone inside Greater Boston area in addition as in Massachusetts is knowledgeable with the New England Patriots Soccer staff. It really is component of the Eastern Division, AFC inside the NFL. Initially the team's identify was the Boston Patriots. Individuals who help this team are proud to wear the brand new England Patriots jerseys.

This workforce is nicely identified all the way through the nation, winning the Super Bowls XX, XXXI, XXXVI, XXXVIII and XXXIX. They've a document of a longest successful streak actually recorded in NFL background. Supporters that have followed this crew with the decades are extremely enthusiastic and proceed to demonstrate them help not only within their attendance but additionally in wearing their shades.

In attending the video games enthusiasts are intrigued through the proven fact that males, dressed as minutemen, are found with the back of every stop zone. Whenever a aim is scored these adult males shoot blanks from flintlock muskets, incorporating a lot more exhilaration into the shouts and cheers from the crowd. This present of enthusiasm is looked ahead to by all those attending the game and they seem ahead to hearing the blast of muskets likewise as viewing the profitable purpose.

Shades of their jerseys have improved above the several years. From 1961 to 1995 the house jerseys ended up white with blue stripes over the sleeves. From 1996 to 2001 they have been vibrant blue with white letters and red trim. In 2002 the current jersey, dark blue with red piping was launched which has a silver jersey as an alternate. This very last product is available to your manifeste and is worn by lots of young men and women in their everyday lives.

Collectors are actually really enthusiastic about acquiring the jerseys of former years with these getting any people signatures becoming pretty priceless. Quite a few of the hard and legitimate staff enthusiasts buy the newest jerseys to wear in the video games. Usually one will see a entire block of shade wherever these persons are seated.

Amongst innings the Patriot Cheerleaders is usually witnessed executing to the crowds. Their costumes, not surprisingly, reflect the current colors on the team's jerseys. On the present-day time you will find 14 former group player and a single contributor in the Patriot's Hall of Fame. The colorful jerseys of such players will also be preserved for upcoming generations to take pleasure in. The Pro Football Hall of fame also has the names of 4 former gamers on their roster.

When 1 wishes to indicate their enthusiasm for a group of athletes who perform sport right after sport, in all kinds of weather conditions, just one way would be to don the team's shades. If, furthermore a person can receive a signature or two it may make the jersey anything to remind one of several courage of these adult males who play in a number of climate to entertain the fans in addition as appreciate the game.

The brand new England Patriots jerseys might be worn with pride equally with the recreation and on other occasions. It lets people today know where by one's feelings are as far as the soccer workforce is anxious. It also provides the wearer a sensation of closeness to ones they so considerably admire.