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'My President Will Be...'

Since we formed the Progressive Patriots Fund, we've focused on supporting candidates and promoting a progressive reform agenda. As part of those efforts, today we are asking you to use a word or short phrase and tell us a quality you'd like you see in our next president.

Please take a moment to download the 'My President Will Be...' sign or make your own. Write down your word or phrase and upload a photo of yourself with your sign using the form below. Stay tuned to www.progressivepatriotsfund.com to see your photo featured on our website in our slideshow of Presidential qualities! Don't have a digital camera or don't want your photo online? Click here to send us your word without a picture.

Step 1:  Download and print out our 'My President Will Be...' sign or make your own!

Right-Click here for the JPG Version or Right-Click here for the PDF Version

Step 2:  Using a word or phrase, write an attribute or quality that you would like to see in our next president

Step 3:  Take a digital photo holding your 'My President' sign

Step 4:  Upload your photo below

Step 5:  Go to www.progressivepatriotsfund.com to see your photo in our slide show of Presidental qualities

Step 6:  Email your friends and family and ask them to send in their ideas!

First name*
Last name*
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Your Photo*
 Yes!  Use my photo in the slideshow of Presidential qualities.
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