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Voting closed

Thank you to everyone who voted in our sixth "Pick a Progressive Patriot" event.  We congradulate our winning candidate, Patty Wetterling, and all the other participants.  We hope to hold another round of "Pick a Progressive Patriot" later this year, but we need your help to do it: can you contribute today to help us support more strong progressive candidates?

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Prior to betting the Sunday's AFC Divisional Playoff matchup between the newest England Patriots as well as San Diego Chargers, you'll find some factors you ought to contemplate. Of course you realize about Belichick's postseason good results and Brady's playoff document, and Schottenheimer's not enough success and Rivers' insufficient playoff experience. But you also know that the Chargers ended up one of the most consistent group during the common season and they come into Sunday's matchup winners of 10 straight.

They are the factors that everyone is familiar with likely into this one but consider some a lot more intricate points with the matchup that you simply will not likely listen to about from Chris Berman on ESPN.

San Diego is often a fantastic covering workforce which has a 31-16 ATS record in all lined game titles throughout the last 3 seasons together with the Chargers winning by an average of 8.7ppg in these contests. So in case you had been to own strictly bet San Diego over the last 3 seasons you'd probably be up thirteen.4 models. But I'm not convinced that the actuality which the Chargers really are a great covering group can make them our winner this week.

New England is 8-0 ATS in street game titles just after letting seventy five or much less rushing yards in its past recreation during the last 3 seasons successful on typical by 17.9ppg. It isn't that hard to maintain the Jets non-existent operating game down. The identical effectiveness this week would not set the clamps on L.T. So regardless of this impressive searching pattern, I'm not ready to leap on New England.

Let's look at some Over/Under trends in addition to find out when the side or somme will probably be the best wager.

The Patriots are 7-0 Less than after enabling seventy five or much less rushing yards in their earlier game this season with the regular score of New England 19.6 and their opponent twelve.9. If this pattern holds genuine, this game would go securely below the range by two touchdowns. On the other hand, New England's offense has become rolling of late along with the Chargers typical 31.1ppg at home.

San Diego is 8-0 In excess of when each teams score twenty or even more points inside a recreation this season with the regular score staying Chargers 35 and their opponent 26. If that trend were to carry up this a person would go around by 14.5 points. As superior as these offenses have been, we must however take into account that New England's defense has become sensational within the road keeping its opponents to just thirteen.5ppg and San Diego's protection has become reliable at home keeping its opponents to simply 16.5ppg.

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